What readers are saying

“Couldn’t put the damn thing down! Brilliant ! Funny, thought-provoking, and the plot moves at a cracking pace... I bought it to read on my holiday and it was so good I read it before I left !!! A must read !” 

~Jackie Parsons

  “What a find! An intelligent absorbing thriller with an ingenious plot that will grip you to the end. Witty and fast paced with well-drawn interesting characters. Don’t hesitate. Buy it now. You won’t find a better read this Summer.”
~Carole Simpson

  “A well-plotted and fast-moving odyssey set in the world of science fiction/fantasy publishing with undercurrents of science fiction, political thriller and mystery genres all very intelligently interwoven. Well worth reading.” 

  "Absorbing novel, set in the past, present and future. Unusual and intriguing story; really carries you along.”  
~Linda Whitebread

  “A fine roller coaster of a ride consisting of excitement, adventure and really wild things. Very much recommended.” 
~Jim Mowatt
“A terrific read. An absorbing and interesting thriller, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The authors give the reader an insight to the world of science fiction fandom, while at the same time creating a tense plot that drew this reader in and held him until the last paragraph. Highly recommended.” 
~Kim Hunter
“This book is a great read -- from the moment you start to the moment you finish, you're immersed in a world that is both real and beyond belief. Set in contemporary London, with a thoroughly likeable hero stumbling into a world of intrigue from the most chance of chance encounters, what's not to recommend here?”
~Les Lev
“Thoroughly enjoyed this thriller. Good plot and characterisation that moves along at a great pace after a slightly slow start. A mix of SF, mystery, politics with a good dose of humour.” 
~Vivienne Spackman
“I absolutely loved this book. Totally recommend it whether your a sci-fi fan or not. Agree with reviews I've read that this will make a great film. Read it first though!!!” 
~The Only Yorkshire Boy