"Aficionados of conspiracy theories, hi-tech thrillers and parodic science fiction will find something to enjoy in Chris Evans and Roy Kettle's first collaboration, Future Perfect (Pitchblende Books, £11.99). When cutting-edge film-maker Nick Randall and his business partner become interested in making a film based on the work of the enigmatic 1950s SF writer Leo Parrish, they find their efforts thwarted by the US government and a crackpot religious cult, akin to Scientology, both of which want the work of Parrish expunged from history. The authors ramp up the tension and paranoia as down-at-heel divorcee Nick attempts to work out the reason for the interest in Parrish, whose stories seem to be eerily predicting future events. The many pleasures of this novel include an affectionate and acutely observed portrayal of the SF world of fans, collectors and authors, everyday characters whose emotional lives leap off the page and a couple of large-scale disaster scenarios that threaten life on Earth. Future Perfect cries out to be filmed."
Eric Brown, THE GUARDIAN, 20 August 2104 Review online here

Future Perfect is a sharp, witty, ingenious conspiracy thriller set in the worlds of science fiction geekery, political chicanery and crackpot cultery that skewers real-life analogues with merciless precision while advancing unsettling notions of the way our lives have been shaped by fifty years of true believers.  Roy Kettle and Chris Evans know this world from the inside, and yet open it up to the uninitiated. I enjoyed this book immensely and the alien waves penetrating my tinfoil hat convince me that you will too.    
~Kim Newman, is a journalist, film critic, and award-winning fiction writer, author of JOHNNY ALUCARD available from Titan Books.

"...clever, inventive and purely entertaining... this book is likely to be read with special enjoyment by long-time fans of the genre (Chris and Roy are fans themselves), but the plot and ideas are intriguing enough to appeal to a much wider audience. It would even work as a movie."

~Lisa Tuttle, is an award-winning science-fiction, fantasy and horror author whose first book, WINDHAVEN, was written with George R R Martin. She has published over 20 further books.

A dogged amateur sleuth, a trail of clues through the jungle of mid-twentieth-century pulp fiction, and a startling conspiracy theory. The revelations keep you hooked and the detail sparkles. Unmissable.   
~Stephen Baxter, is an award-winning science fiction writer, author of THE LONG WAR with Terry Pratchett.

"FUTURE PERFECT, although about science fiction is more conspiracy thriller than actual SF, though a couple of strands do get thrown into the mix. A fast paced romp that helter-skelters along with a cartload of well-drawn believable characters that can hold the reader’s attention throughout what is quite a hefty tome. I chopped and changed my ideas about the elusive Leo Parrish a number of times before the final revelations, and still got it wrong. Rhodri, a Welsh fan with a habit of calling people “boss”, had me digging in my own back catalogue of people known. Could this be an Evans/Kettle version of Jack Kerouac’s Beat novels where fictitious names were but thin disguises for real people? Or was I looking for even more conspiracy than already existed? Probably the latter. I thoroughly enjoyed FUTURE PERFECT. It held my attention from start to finish. Tightly plotted, fast paced, good characterization. I am happy to give it my recommendation."

~Bryn Fortey,