Pitchblende Books are proud to present our first thriller - FUTURE PERFECT

Nick Randall, head of Xponential Films, simply wants to make a movie based on one of Parrish’s stories. But he’s being followed, attacked, interrogated, misled. His office is burgled and his computer hacked. Being caught up in one conspiracy would be bad enough.   But he seems to be involved in several.   And no one wants him to find Parrish’s stories.   Not even the woman he loves.

Pitchblende Books

Not many people knew Leo Parrish or were aware of his science-fiction stories.  Even fewer people noticed when he disappeared.  So why, 50 years later, is everyone looking for his work?  The police, the FBI, the cult of Ascendancy, religious fanatics. And how is all this linked to President Muvart of Khanistan and his wild threats against the USA, or Ryan Carmichael, the notoriously unpredictable Hollywood star?

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Leo Parrish published his fiction in short-lived digest-sized magazines in the late 1950s.  If you're interested in finding out more about what these magazines

were like, click here for AWESOME ADVENTURES and here for SHOCKING STORIES, and you will find links to facsimiles of some stories from the magazines.

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A Kindle version is now available. Other ebook versions will be available shortly.

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